How to Find the Best Place to Get Married in Kansas City

How to Find the Best Place to Get Married in Kansas City

You are planning to have your wedding in Kansas City because that is where your friends and family are and it is a beautiful place to say your I dos. But one of the biggest things you will have to tackle when planning your KC wedding is finding the right venue. Your venue sets the tone for the entire day and choosing the right one can be a little stressful. We get it, that is why we wanted to give you a guide to finding the best place to get married in Kansas City.

Know Your Budget

This is the first thing you will want to think about when you start shopping around for venues. We suggest making a list of what you will provide and what you want the venue to provide. For example, will you be renting chairs and tables? Or would you like chairs and to be provided by the venue? Will you be having your wedding ceremony and reception in the same place or will you have to transport guests from the ceremony to the reception? After you figure out what you want from your venue, you can start making a spreadsheet with venue names and corresponding expenses. Note that normally all-inclusive venues will be more cost-effective. 

Will the Venue Accommodate All of Your Guests?

Have an estimate of how many guests will be at your wedding and make sure the venue can comfortably hold all of them comfortably. We actually suggest overestimating your guest list by at least 50 people for two reasons.

  1. You want everyone to have a little extra room to mingle and move around.
  2. Someone is bound to bring an extra guest that they did not RSVP.

Does the Location Suit Your Needs?

There are several things you want to look at when choosing the location of your venue.

Theme: Does the location fit your wedding theme and desired aesthetic? If you want a laid back, rustic wedding, picking a trendy, modern venue might clash with your theme. Kansas City offers a wide variety of venues so with a little bit of research you can find one that fits your style perfectly

Parking and Transportation: If you are having your guests drive themselves to the venue, make sure there is ample parking. As we stated above, if guests will be shuttled from one location to another, make sure to consider the extra costs associated with that and add them into your budget.

Obstructed views: You want everybody to see that awesome entrance that you and your wedding party have been planning for months so, make sure that large pillars and columns do not obstruct anybody’s view

Is the Time and Date That You Want Available?

Make sure the venue you want is available on your wedding day. We suggest locking down a date with your venue before you send out save the dates. Some people send out their save the dates before they put down their venue deposit and are disappointed when the place they had their heart set on is not available on that day. Don’t let this happen to you.

The Bowery is a great choice for those looking to get married in the Kansas City area. Click here to view our space located in Spring Hill, Kansas.

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7 Winter Wedding Reception Ideas

7 Winter Wedding Reception Ideas

Winter might be the most romantic time of year to have your wedding and the perfect opportunity to put together an awesome reception that will knock those spring receptions out of the park. It might be cold out, but these ideas are anything but bitter. Here are some of our favorite winter wedding reception ideas.

1. Fairy Lights


There are a ton of neat ways to incorporate fairy lights into your winter reception decor. You can hang them from the ceiling to create a delicate ambiance, or place strings around your table decor to create a warm glow. The nice thing about fairy lights is that they are subtle; you can put them anywhere and not have to worry about overwhelming guests. 

2. Celebrate the Season


You probably chose to have your wedding in winter because you love the season, so why not decorate with seasonal items like cranberries, evergreen pines, and winter fauna? This can give the room a welcoming classic, comfortable look.

3. Velvet Decor

Velvet is having a huge moment right now, and we are here for it! Choosing to add luxurious velvet to your reception decor will bring texture and warmth to tables and chairs. You can also drape large panels of velvet from the ceiling to add drama. Choose winter jewel tones like maroon, forest green, and navy blue for an interesting, on-trend look.

4. Flowers in Ice


Forget the swan ice sculptures, a popular trend for winter weddings right now is frozen flowers. We don’t mean ice sculpted into flowers-although that is also a pretty cool idea also-we are talking real flowers frozen in ice. This can be a great addition to your bar area, and we can guarantee it is something very few of your guests have ever seen before!

5. Faux Fur


What kind of winter wedding list would this be without mentioning faux fur? Faux fur can, of course, be worn to keep you and your wedding party warm, but it can also be used as a base for your tables’ centerpieces or draped over chairs. You can also create a lounge area at your reception with faux fur rugs and pillows to give guests a comfortable place to chat.

6. Hot Chocolate Bar


Who doesn’t love a warm cup of hot chocolate in winter? Set up a hot chocolate bar for your guests. Keep hot chocolate warm in a crockpot and deck out the table with candy canes, cinnamon stirrers, marshmallows, Bailey’s liqueur, peppermint schnapps, and plenty of whipped cream!

7. S’mores Station


Setting up a s’mores station is a fun way to get guests to interact with one another. Make sure to pick up plenty of graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows. Make sure to place extra plates and napkins in this area. Click here and learn how to create a s’mores station at your reception.

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Wedding Food Ideas: Create a Grazing Menu

Wedding Food Ideas: Create a Grazing Menu

Food should be at the top of your list when it comes to what you should focus on while planning your reception. The food you provide guests could make or break your celebration…and your budget. Luckily, there is a new trend on the rise that is breaking the tradition of three-course stuffy dinners and over the top buffets; that trend is grazing menus.

A grazing menu is a series of small bites (similar tapas) that are available to guests throughout the reception. It is a fantastic way to cater to different tastes, dietary restrictions, and allows your guests to eat at their own pace.

Creating Your Grazing Menu

Here are the steps you can take to put together a fantastic grazing menu at your reception:

Divide and Conquer

If you can afford to have, people walk around with silver trays and stagger what small bites are available at certain points of the night, awesome! Your caterer and wedding planner can plan when each tray should be sent out to your guests. If you do not have this luxury, we suggest setting up individual tables with similar types of food. For example:

Table 1: Hors d Oeuvres

Table 2: Vegetable Dishes

Table 3: Heavier Meat and Starchy Bites

Table 4: Desserts

Plan Your Menu by Table

After getting a sense of organization, so you aren’t just randomly throwing things onto your wedding food Pinterest board, you have two options here you can find a caterer to help you put your menu together, or if you plan correctly, you can make everything yourself with the help of friends and family. This is a great time to let your personality shine. You can have mini versions of your favorite foods or go a little out of the box with exotic cuisine. Here are some of the most popular grazing menu items based on the table organization mentioned above.

  1. Charcuterie, fruits, bruschetta, one-bite Caprese salads, spinach artichoke dip, mushroom crostinis
  2. Flatbread pizza with seasonal vegetables, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, cream cheese cucumber roll-ups, a large veggie platter with various dips and hummus
  3. Garlic pesto skewered shrimp, crispy garlic smashed potato bites, savory meatballs with chimichurri sauce, cheese and potato croquettes
  4.  Mini pies and cakes, small fruit tarts, tiramisu trifles in shot glasses, truffles, mini gourmet donuts


Order Enough Food: The most important factor in creating a great grazing menu is knowing how much food you will need to purchase. One of the biggest mistakes with any wedding menu is not having enough food for everyone-especially if alcohol is being served. We suggest ordering double the amount of food you think you need-if your budget allows-or at least doubling down on the less expensive bites. There is always that person that didn’t RSVP their plus one, or that relative that shows up unannounced, so having extra is better than not having enough to go around. On the same note, make sure you have plenty of plates and napkins for all of your guests

Have a Plan for Hot and Cold Foods: A grazing menu means that guests will be eating throughout your reception. If you have hired a caterer, this will probably just have to be a quick conversation between you two. Make sure they have a plan in place to keep hot food hot and cold food cold through the entire night.

If you are preparing your own reception menu, this could be a bit more complicated. You can use chafing dishes with warm water and burners to keep food warm (leaf has a great step by step guide here). For cold food, fill chafing dishes with ice water to keep the food from spoiling. Make sure you designate somebody to periodically check food temps, replace ice, and manage the burners.

A grazing menu is an extremely popular choice when it comes to wedding food right now. We hope that this guide has helped you get a better idea of how to create a great menu for your guests!

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5 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

5 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

No one wants a cookie cutter wedding reception because let’s be honest we have all been to a reception that had zero originality and the couple’s personality was nowhere to be found in the decor. You want your reception to be memorable for your friends and family and as unique as you are. Here are five wedding reception ideas that will set you apart from everyone else.

1. Gold Flatware Adds a Wow Factor to Reception Tables

Using gold flatware might sound tacky, but if done correctly, this is a unique way to spice up your decor and add a little bit of a ‘wow factor’ to the tables at your reception. This can be a bit pricey, but for smaller, more intimate weddings it is a great alternative to traditional silver flatware.


2. Simple Table Settings that Compliment Your Wedding Decor

Minimalism is in right now, gone are the days of large over the top centerpieces. Simple, beautiful centerpieces are a great, inexpensive way to add visual interest to your reception tables and guests will be able to actually talk to each other. Head over to your local dollar store or craft shop and find small glass vases put a little water in the bottom and add fresh cut fauna in the color of your choice. Feel free to add some candles and voila you have cost-effective, simple table settings.


3. Hanging Plants Add a Unique Aesthetic

An interesting way to add a natural decor touch to your wedding reception venue is with hanging plants. A lot of indoor wedding venues have high ceilings which means you have to get a little bit creative. You will want to talk to your wedding planner or have some willing members of your wedding party install cables or pulls so that plants don’t have to descend 20+ feet. If your reception is outside you can suspend plants from trees or install extra poles in your wedding tent.


4. Create a Lounge Area for Your Reception Guests

The idea of a lounge area at a wedding reception is one of our favorites so far! Find a neat, inexpensive couch or borrow one from a friend add a small coffee table to hold drinks and create a fun center piece. Keep the couch small to attain an intimate feel and Boom! You have successfully added a cozy element to your reception.


5. Opt for a Grazing Menu

Instead of making your guests sit through a stuffy four-course dinner, have a grazing menu with small plates that people can eat throughout the night! This is not only cost-effective, but it is also more fun, and people aren’t forced to stay in their seats and eat food they may or may not like. Choosing a grazing menu instead of a large dinner gives your reception a more laid back and comfortable vibe that everyone will appreciate. Take a look at our guide on how to create a grazing menu.

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What Will Make Your Rustic Wedding Theme Work?

Why do wedding themes matter? They provide you with a blueprint for your nuptials, allowing you to make the right choices for every element. From picking the perfect dress to choosing the right wedding venue in Spring Hill, trends point you in the right direction. One of this year’s more appealing inspirations is the rustic theme.

What’s in a Rustic Theme

A rustic themed wedding pays homage to the great outdoors, featuring a garden or country backdrop with a vintage-style setting. The special thing about the theme is the intricate details. You can, for example, mix and match mason jars with florals and candles. Add wooden crates or organic elements, and you have the typical rustic wedding.

For the colors, rustic makes use of nature-inspired selections, such as mint, sage/moss green, navy, chocolate, olive green. But you could also add vibrant shades of lavender or pastel pink.

As for the typical rustic-themed bouquet, it appears purposefully imperfect. Its usual arrangement makes it look like you just plucked it right out of your garden.

Rustic Goes with Almost Any Trend

Each year you see new wedding ideas crop up, from unexpected wedding favors to signature cocktails with his and hers dishes. The latest wedding trends this year can fit perfectly in your dreamy rustic-themed wedding. You can call it the rustic 2.0, as WeddingWire says.

Here are some of the trends this year that would go perfectly well with a rustic wedding:

Navy is the new black. The good thing here is the neutral shade of midnight blue suits a rustic wedding. It goes easily with the vintage style.

Metallics are also popular. For a couple of years, rose gold, brass, and gold became very popular. Now, silver and chrome have entered the game, too. Feel free to mix and match them with the warm, cozy look of a rustic theme.

Hanging flowers are also in demand. We’re not saying it’s time to say goodbye to flower or plant walls, but the image of florals as ceiling decoration creates drama without overwhelming your celebration.

Another trend that could work for couples looking to manage the budget is smaller wedding parties. Big weddings are fine, but if you want to keep the celebration to just the family and a few close friends, that works, too.

The Perfect Venue

If you want to go for a rustic 2.0 wedding, our Springhill outdoor space is the perfect site. It’s your picturesque reception venue near Kansas City.

With a large patio and a comfortable indoor space, your guests will have plenty of room. We can accommodate additional bars and hors-d’oeuvre stations, as well. We even have amenities like a spacious bridal loft that you’ll enjoy.

Our state-of-the-art sound system plus on-site florist and décor options will ensure convenience and ease for your special day. We come prepared for any theme that you want, be it rustic or modern or something in between.

Expect to be wowed by our wedding venue in Spring Hill. Imagine an open space and amazing pastoral views of the sky surrounded by greenery. An elegant ceremony or an intimate celebration will find our space divine.

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Even the Smallest Details Can Have Rustic Charm: Barn Wedding Reception Ideas

Natural, down-to-earth, and outdoorsy — these are the charms of today’s rustic weddings. It has led more couples to choose to say their “I Do’s.” Apart from its use of simple, natural elements, a rustic wedding also attracts couples because of its budget-friendly set-up and the freedom it affords the organizer to personalize.

Your rustic wedding reception, in fact, is an aspect of the wedding where you can apply a personal touch or two (or even more, if you like). If you’re one of the couples who find the appeal of a country wedding, Kansas City’s outdoor wedding venues have enough space for your creative vision. Here are some ideas for your upcoming nuptials’ décor:

Natural Wedding Decorations

Barn wedding decorations are beautiful and budget-friendly scene-stealers. You can try fun and rustic DIY decorative pieces with items from your backyard, such as tree trunk slices, dried leaves, and twigs. Other rustic decoration ideas use pine cones, burlap, twine, wheat, and cotton. Add extra country charm by using old vintage items like bird cages and mason jars. 

Another advantage of a barn-themed wedding is that you don’t have to use flowers exclusively for your centerpieces. Emphasize the beauty of your venue with a simple centerpiece that uses succulents, driftwood, or twigs. The complementary use of flowers also creates a sense of continuity from your natural setting.

A Rustic Dessert Buffet

The dessert table is the pièce de résistance of every reception. It holds sweet treats to reflect the sweetness of day. You can bring a touch of country to your dessert buffet by displaying homemade delicacies with seasonal fruits. Choose fruits according to the season.

If you’re getting married in the summer, citrus fruits and watermelons are fitting main ingredients. Moreover, you can emphasize the farmer’s market vibe and put your calligraphy skills to the test with handwritten food labels.

Other Vintage/Country Details

Wedding signs are standard additions for today’s ceremonies and receptions. With a rustic wedding, you’ll need a Boho wooden sign. The materials you’ll need to craft it are simple to find:

  • Hammer
  • Block of wood
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pen
  • Printed out paper with your images or words on it
  • Newspaper
  • Acrylic non-glossy paint

All you have to do is paint the wood with your choice of colors, trace your words and images, and paint it out again. Don’t forget to express your personalities in the signage.

Upcycling is a trend at rustic weddings, as well. So, create your guestbook out of your quilts, game board pieces, and river rocks, instead of buying from the store. Consider using natural materials only for your card placeholders, too. Lastly, decorate wedding reception escort cards with slices of wood, dried flowers, or twigs.

With a barn wedding, it’s easier to let your personality and style shine through. Complement your amazing reception venue with beautiful DIY rustic pieces.

Do you still need help with your big day? Don’t fret; The Bowery Kansas City is at your service. From the perfect venue to the audio-visual equipment, we have it all for you. Worry less on your wedding day with our services.

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A Natural and Vintage Touch: The Appeal of Rustic Weddings

Newly weds in a barnWhen you hear “rustic weddings,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For some people, they picture twine, burlap sacks, chalkboards, barks, and wildflowers. A rustic wedding (otherwise known as a barn wedding) does have these elements, but there’s more to it than that.  

Not Just a Wedding Theme

“Rustic” is more of a style than a theme. In fact, it is also part of today’s popular wedding styles (including contemporary, casual, eclectic, and modern). Barn weddings’ popularity is high as more couples choose relaxed ceremonies and receptions complemented by handmade details to adorn the venue on their special day.

What makes a barn wedding and reception appealing is what it’s not: a traditional big, white affair held in a church or standard hotel ballroom. This wedding style focuses more on incorporating natural beauty into the special day. The relaxed ambiance of rustic weddings is also a bonus for couples who do opt for the style.

Mother Nature complements the theme by providing a unique scene for your big day.

Nature Plays a Role

The location of barn weddings often offers space, fresh, air, and earthy simplicity. By day, the natural lighting complements the venue’s green and brown colors. It also provides the best lighting for wedding photos. By night, the strings of candles, fairy lights, and string lights cast a warm glow, which emphasizes the event’s romantic atmosphere.

Whether your ceremony and reception are indoors, outdoors, or a combination of the two, the wedding’s venue feels more personable and unique. It also sets the mood by being able to change with the seasons and the weather.

Your Rustic Wedding

Your venue dictates the direction of your theme. Barn wedding and reception venues in Kansas City vary in amenities, sizes, and building architecture. Your chosen venue shouldn’t just fit the guests; it should also match your desired theme.

The western wedding is a classic. Add some fun to this casual affair with the following:

  • Denim for the apparel and decor
  • Cowgirl/cowboy boots for the bridal party
  • Country music for dancing
  • Hay bales as seats for guests
  • All things barbecue on the menu

Barn weddings and receptions also allow couples to focus on the nuances and add personal touches to the place. If you need more ideas, Instagram and Pinterest offer other design possibilities. Moreover, artificial decorations are not a popular option for rustic décor. Use natural materials, such as wildflowers and twine, instead.

Color palettes for rustic weddings favor monochromatic shades, such as tea rose and matte bronze. Ivory shades contrast well with the wooden accents, so it’s a preferred hue as well. It also adds a graceful touch to your rugged decor. If you want a bolder look, use shades of red, orange, purple, and brown. 

For some people, rustic weddings are just another passing wedding fad. With all the customization possibilities out there, however, rustic styles will not be going out of style anytime soon.

Are you looking for the perfect venue for your rustic wedding? The Bowery is a beautiful event space where you can host your special day. Say your vows and entertain well-wishers in the middle of trees, blossoms, and captivating sceneries. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this special place.

Need A Venue For Your Spring Wedding? Try These Favorites

spring weddingWhether you’re having an outdoor wedding or you prefer the great indoors, it can be challenging to find just the right venue for your spring wedding. Most brides and grooms want their venue to be just as romantic as their special day will feel in order to have just the right amount of aesthetic.

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve come up with a few favorite spring wedding venues where you’ll feel downright giddy saying your I-Dos.

The Garden Venue
Garden weddings are one of the most popular choices among couples, especially in the spring. With flowers blooming and all the fresh greenery, a garden venue can truly turn the romantic into the Romantic.

What’s more, garden venues have a sense of natural beauty to them. Therefore, you won’t have to worry as much about the proper setup when Mother Nature has already done all of the work for you.

The Rustic Venue
Rustic weddings are a great way to bring out your sense of creativity at a minimal cost to you. Additionally, rustic venues can make your wedding day that much more romantic with just a few subtle hints.

Wood paired with fairy lights and lace instantly creates a romantic, rustic touch. Add soft-colored flowers and your venue is sure to yell spring

Up to 49% of event planners will use the Internet as their primary method for a venue search, including venues with rustic accents. Be sure to do your own research as well to find just the right space for your wedding.

The Rustic-Garden Combination Venue
Both garden and rustic venues have so much charm to them that combining the two creates an instant winner. The Bowery in Kansas City is one of these outdoor wedding venues Kansas City holds dear.

At the Bowery, you have the ability to host as many as 300 guests in both an indoor and outdoor space. So once the ceremony has been held outside in the romantic garden of your dreams, you can head inside for your reception without even having to drive.

Whether you’re looking for unique wedding venues or planning a wedding reception, The Bowery is a wonderful place to host your special day. For more information on booking dates and additional amenities, contact The Bowery today.

Fall Wedding Dilemmas And How To Handle Them

fall weddingThe earlier you plan, the more prepared you’ll be for your wedding day. That being said, there’s no better time than the present to begin organizing (or put the finishing touches on) your fall wedding.

September and October were the most popular wedding months in both 2016 and 2017. It’s no question why. With summer heat out the window and the changing leaves on your side, autumn is a beautiful season for wedding photos.

However, like any season, fall can come with its own dilemmas. Here are a few of the most common conflicts brides experience during fall weddings so you can best prepare.

Your fall wedding gets hit with frost
One of the biggest problems with outdoor weddings is the difficulty of dealing with the elements. Unfortunately, you can’t predict the weather well in advance.

To prevent guests from being chilly at your potential outdoor wedding venues, consider warning your guests of the cold or providing blankets or wraps during the ceremony. Another good idea when planning a wedding is to choose a venue that offers both indoor and outdoor space. It allows you to have the beautiful photo-ops you want while still being able to stay warm if a cold snap hits.

You can’t quite find an open weekend
It can be a challenge to find a wedding date that doesn’t conflict with the schedules of your friends and family. This is especially true in the fall what with various holidays taking up room on your guests’ calendars.

However, no matter how early you schedule your wedding and send out the invitations there’ll always be someone who may not be able to make it. Therefore, try to find a day that works best for you and for the majority of your guests. Then send out your save-the-dates guilt-free.

Your favorite wedding flower is out of season
It can be a real bummer when the flowers you’ve always wanted in your bouquet are out of the season. However, using in-season flowers is one of the best ways to reduce your wedding cost. What’s more, fall floral arrangements can come in a variety of colors and are absolutely gorgeous.

Consider mixing natural elements such as twigs and evergreen with flowers such as asters or dahlias. Whether or not you’re having a rustic wedding, these autumn elements give a fresh look to your bouquet and add spice to your theme.

Whether you’re looking for unique wedding venues for your fall ceremony or a beautiful space to host a company party, The Bowery is the place for you. For more information on outdoor event space, contact The Bowery Kansas City today.

What to Look for in the Perfect Outdoor Event Venue for a Wedding

The Perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue with Couple in Convertible

According to popular wedding website you should select the outdoor event venue for your ceremony and reception 12 or months before your planned date. Contemporary or country, here are our (alphabetical) tips for picking your perfect place.

The ABC’s of an Outdoor Event Venue

Ambiance and Amenities

What’s your vibe?

You could choose intimate and casual, elegant and funky, vibrant country chic or rustic venues. Perhaps you dream of a gentle splash of water as you speak your vows or the applause of crickets while walking down the aisle? A country hoedown? A sun-splashed oak grove?

An outdoor event venue is the only place you can have an expansive blue sky backdrop designed by nature. No generic hotel ballroom or hall decor compares.

Check out photo galleries and websites for inspiration. Visit places in person at different hours of the day.

Consider your flow- are you holding the ceremony and reception in the same spot with a pause in the middle to “flip” the chairs from audience-style to eating? Are you moving from place to place? How does your venue graciously accommodate guests of any age, size or special needs?


Draft your budget early, so you know your “must-haves” and “would-be-nices” for one of the most important days of your life. It’s no good to set your heart on a palace if your 300 closest friends will eating generic potato chips out of a bag in the parking lot.

Keep a checklist of your personal priorities to help you narrow down the possibilities. Your venue will affect your choice of dress, the number of guests and level of formality, so an early budget estimate will keep your dreams down to earth.

Don’t forget necessary items like food and beverage or additional extras (and often extra cost!) like parking, sound systems, lighting, off-site kitchen rentals, tables or linens. Try to find an all-inclusive quote. No one likes surprises at the bottom line!

Capacity and Calendar

This refers to picking a place that can accommodate your planned guestlist. Is there room for all to be seated comfortably? Is there sufficient power for your lighting, music or sound? The very best venues have the ability to plan for the worst weather scenarios, whether that means shade, tent, heaters, indoor space or delay. If there are multiple events going on at the same time, what is the backup plan for a weather-related emergency?

An outdoor event venue calendar will be busy on the weekends predicted to have the best weather. In general, pick your season and then your venue, so you can have flexibility in dates. Booking early ensures you get your date- when the weather is not too hot, not too cold, not too windy or rainy.

Dancing and Drinking

If you plan on either, make sure you understand any noise or alcohol restrictions unique to the venue. No one wants to be disappointed by a 10:00 pm noise complaint or an unexpected early bar closing time.


Are you responsible for finding a caterer, florist or musicians or is there a list of approved vendors? Does the event space offer a dedicated wedding organizer for your day? Will there be a manager on site at all times to ensure that your party goes off without a hitch?

What are YOUR considerations for choosing an outdoor event venue? Let us know in the comments or contact us learn more about our ABC’s.